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The Culture of CMX AUDIO

Guangzhou CMX Audio Co., Ltd. is built on the guiding principle of  "Quality is our Passion, Innovation is our Driving Force, Integrity is our Foundation" for the purpose of achieving sustained, steady and healthy development.

Management Philosophy
Honesty: We stand behind our words and deliver on our promises.
Quality: Quality is First and Foremost.
Results: Our commitment to product excellence and on-time production.
Harmony: A warm cooperative partnership with our customers.
Safety: We care about people, safety is paramount.

Corporate Purposes

Creating benefits for businesses: Creating the highest level of business efficiency, adhering to scientific developmental concepts, improving profitability, maximizing the benefits of pursuing sustainable development in corporate business.

Creating value for customers: Creating value for customers, the pursuit of our own corporate values and consistency of the value they bring to our customers, providing customers with value-added services to enhance our product value and the value of our long term partnership.

Create wealth for society: To help create a prosperous society is the ultimate goal of every worthwhile endeavor.

We must conscientiously fulfill our economic and social responsibility in creation of social wealth, expansion of social services, contributing to society, enterprise development and social harmony.

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