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New Digital Voice Evacuation System

5 Zone 250W Voice Evacuation Amplifier

Digital Speaker Line Supervision. Automatically monitor speaker circuits. Whenever there is an overload or short circuit, the malfunction speaker can be automatically isolated, preventing damage to the amplifier. After the malfunction is remedied, the output can then be restored by pressing the reset button, without the need to change any fuse.

Emergency Microphone and Remote Microphone. Emergency microphone with highest priority and remote microphone enable to speech to selected zone, group zones and all zones.

5 Zone 250W Digital Class-D Amplifier. The amplifier can have 10 zone output option, it also can use one standby amplifier as backup when the main amplifier fails.

AC & DC Battery Backup. Under standby battery mode, whenever the battery voltage drops below 13V, it will stop discharging to prolong battery life, front panel also have battery testing button. Power supply by AC 230V or 115V and DC 24V.

Built-in Voice Message Evacuation. With build-in pre-recorded English voice alarm message. Customized voice message in different languages are available

PA System Included. Sources include CD, Tape, Radio, telephone broadcast interface, timed bell broadcast unit, high level audio input, RS232 communication protocol interface, on/off work bell broadcast unit, remote controlled microphone, or a sub-unit; it can also collocate with the emergency phone control, with a complete set of accessories and optional functionalities available.

Tabletop design in 2U Height. Compact design for small factory, office, hotel, hospital or shopping center, dimension of 360(W)×265(D)×160(H)mm.

CMX Audio---Digital Emergency Voice Evacuation Amplifier and Digital Voice Alarm System

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