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Mon City Hanoi Installed EN54 EVAC-500 System from CMX AUDIO

Mon City Hanoi is a big luxury residential construction, where gathered more than 30,000 apartments, shopping mall, kinder garden and various food stores.


CMX EN54 standards voice alarm & public address system had applied for general announcement and emergency announcement use. These simple controller built-in amplifier and controller are easy configurable and flexible expansion, so the electrician are very happy to use such a user-friendly sound system. “They are offering a high performance system of European standards at affordable cost and professional local technical support, so we trust them well and we would like to use CMX EVAC-500 system in another two coming projects”, the electrical manager of Mon City Real Estate Company Hanoi.


View of Mon City Hanoi

Professional Tech Support Team from CMX offer Local Support

EN54 Standards EVAC-500 Voice Alarm and Public Address

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