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CMX 2018 company travel & outside training to celebrate of business growth.

CMX company travel & outside training to celebrate of business growth. Busy, tired but worthwhile & impressive travel of waterfall drift, mountain climb, military training & fruit pickup.

To celebrate the CMX business vigorous growth in 2018, the board of CMX grate our team one travel and outside tranning during the end of August 2018.

The domestic sales for China market had increased much more since several big school sound system was installed during August, so the factory and sales team are very busy with work.

Family photo when we arrived Qingyuan City to take photo with the landmark of the city river.

Military Traning to strenthen our Mind and Practice of Teamwork from Competition and Co-work

Crazy & Exciting Waterfall Draft, Most people enjoyed it too much and eager to do it once again!

Bird view of Such a Beautiful mountain area far from pollution, just like drifting in a most vivid drawing.

Dinner time of BOQ, self-help food and drink with cheers and sharing.

Climb mountain in light rain day, funy and sports to accross many interesting bridges and water fall.

Fruit pick in the farm after lunch, where come to the nature to awake the inner love and warm

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