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5 Zone IP PA System (Background music & Remote Paging)

 5 Zone IP PA System BOQ (Background music & Remote Paging)

l  IP Audio Server Software with Lincese & Audio Encoder,  IP-600SF×1 Set

l  IP Remote Microphone, IP-600RM×1 Unit

l  IP POE Speaker for Outdoor, IP-603POE×5 Units



Outdoor IP Horn Speaker & IP POE Speaker IP-603POE

Model: IP-603POE



Outdoor IP Speaker Features:

ü   POE (Power over Ethernet) supportable all in one network audio system

ü   All in one outdoor IP speaker includes IP streaming, IP decoder, amplifier and speaker.

ü   Outdoor IP horn speaker support POE network or non-POE network system.

ü   POE IP PA system with background music, paging system and voice alarm system

ü   Minimum cable connection over existing LAN/WAN/Internet system

ü   Huge system capacity up to 1,200 zones

ü   Support with existing POE switch network system

ü   Compatible with both IEEE 802.3af & IEEE 802.3at

ü   IP based POE powered 15 Watt/30 Watt outdoor horn speaker

ü   Built-in IP streaming module, class-D amplifier and speaker

ü   Single network cable for control, signal and power supply

ü   Same POE speakers enable to be several group or zone defined

ü   Different music or voice message simultaneously broadcasted through different POE speakers

ü   Paging prioritization and background music system

ü   Network adjustable speaker volume

ü   Closed contact input & Closed contact output for third party integration

ü   DC12V power supply input as standby use

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