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CMX Won Great Attracts at 2018 Security China Tradeshow

CMX Attracts at 2018 Security China Tradeshow

For this 2018 Security China, CMX demo various new products where attracts high interests from low voltage system contactors, AV system integrator and security system installer and commercial audio system wholesaler.

  • 1) EN54-16 system EVAC-500 Evacuation & Voice alarm public address system
  • 2) EN54-24 speaker, ceiling speaker, horn speaker, projection speaker
  • 3) IP speaker & outdoor IP horn speaker, IP-600POE, IP-603POE & IP-602POE
  • 4) IP paging microphone & IP amplifier, various IP encoder & IP decoder of IP-600 system
  • 5) SIP intercom system
  • 6) Audio matrix controller PA-6000MX system
  • 7) Public address system PA-1600 & PA-200MC

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CMX AUDIO-Public Address-Commercial Audio-EN54 Evacuation System-IP Speaker & IP Audio & 100V Class-D Amplifier

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