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IP-600 Easy Use IP Audio System

Easy Use IP Audio System


IP-600 IP Audio & IP PA System is a wide range of IP audio system includes IP encoder, IP decoder, IP microphone, IP amplifier and IP speaker, which meets various IP public address & IP communication requirements.

Why to Choose the IP Audio IP-600?

•       Audio distribution anywhere, where there is an IP network

•       Usage of existing LAN/WAN network

•       Easy connection of large and very distant destinations

•       Possibility to create separate zones with different programs

•       Central management of all loudspeakers

•       Live & pre-recorded message announcement

•       Scheduled program or voice message announcement

•       General & emergency announcement system integrated

•       Remote trouble shoot and tech support over IP

•       Wide range of choice for different applications: wall mount decoder with amplifier for multiple room (hospital, classroom, fitness center), outdoor & indoor POE speaker (small room applications, long distance), IP amplifier 60W-650W ( auditorium or big event conference room), single channel IP encoder & decoder (upgrade existing analog PA into IP audio), four channel IP decoder or IP matrix (Multiple audio streaming or multiple building centralized & decentralized control)

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