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Wireless Conference System

5GHz Wireless Conference System

5G-CU, Chairman Unit

5G-DU, Delegate Unit


5G Wireless Connection, the most updated ultrafast wireless communication system over 5G

Maximum Flexibility, suitable for rental use, portable and mobile use without any cable connection

Intelligent Mobile, auto-diagnose/connection/standby, multiple microphone discussion simultaneously 

No Interference, anti-interference with mobile and other electronical equipment 

Dual-DSP, built-in dual digital signal processor ensure the best voice speech restoration

WPA2 Digital Encryption System, anti-information leakage to protect the conference communication of high security.


  • Corporation Boardroom

  • Conference Room

  • Lecture Theatre

  • Traffic Management Center

  • Command Center

5G Wireless Conference System Connection Diagram:


5G Wireless Conference System BOQ:

  • 5G Wireless Conference System Controller, 5G-MC×1 Unit
  • 5G Wireless Conference System Chairman Unit, 5G-CU×1 Unit
  • 5G Wireless Conference System Delegate Unit, 5G-DU×10 Unit
  • Digital Mixer Console 16 CH, MD-16USZ×1 Unit
  • Power Amplifier MX-2S600×2 Unit
  • Signal Distributor CS-212×1 Unit
  • Power Sequencer PA-108PS×1 Unit
  • Line Array Speaker LAS-5200B×4 Unit

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