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Conference System with Recording & Auto-Video Tracking

Conference System with Recording & Auto-Video Tracking


Conference System with Recording & Auto Video Tracking Features:

CMX AUDIO conference system & sound reinforcement system for hotel application.

Conference system with USB recording

Conference system with camera to achieve auto-video tracking funcntion

Support several microphones speech at the same time for discussion.
Chairman hold the meeting system with priority and control button.
Microphone built-in loudspeaker for easy set up and monitor use.
Low susceptibility to mobile phone interference.
Pluggable microphone for easy installation & maintenance.
With management software to set up and event configuration.
Flexible and minimum cost for future system expansion & upgrade.
Excellent sound restoration of human voice without distortion.
High sensitivity microphone of clear voice picking up to 1 meters.
No feedback and humming noise from misoperation by adding the feedback suppressor.
Clear and powerful sound reinforcement system to ensure even sound distribution in the room.
Loudspeaker placement to ensure even sound level according to ambient noise level.
Mobile communication system and external background music system during rest time.
CMX AUDIO conference system support up to 60 delegates microphones.
Conference microphone with round ring indication of service to ensure user friendly operation.
Easy digital conference system expansion by minimum cost.
Easy system set up and minimum communication cable already supplied and easy system layout.
With full EMC, LVD, security and static shock protection.
With professional before sales and after sales service and of 3 years quality warranty.
Free demo software, technical operation manual, circuit diagram and service manual available.

Conference System with Recording & Auto Video Tracking BOQ:

  • Conference system controller, CS-600RV×1 Unit
  • Chairman unit, CS-605×1 Unit
  • Delegate unit, CS-606×20 Unit
  • HD Camera, VC-602CA×2 Unit
  • Mixer, MCX-8U×1 Unit
  • DSP processor with feedback supressor×1 Unit
  • Power amplifier CX2.4×1 Unit
  • Pro Loudspeaker Pros10 ×1 Pair

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