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Datong Senior School Sound System by CMX Audio

Datong Senior School Sound System Designed by CMX Audio

CMX Audio is expert of school sound system manufacturer and solution provider, thus we offer the most cost-effective school sound system for the phase one.

The PA-200MC is weekly timer of multiple zone paging system enable to offer:

1) Scheduled background music system or live music system

2) Scheduled voice announcement or live announcement system

3) Multiple zone group paging system

4) With pre-amplifier PA-100PR support various audio sources input and management

5) With power sequencer to avoid any high current protection of amplifier damage

6) With DA-1000 1000 watts amplifier 100V to power multiple speakers

7) With indoor ceiling speaker and outdoor column speaker for BGM and paging system

Economy School Sound System designed by CMX Audio BOQ:

10 zone Weekly timer, PA-200MC-1 unit

10 zone remote microphone, PA-200RM-1 unit

CD/Mp3/FM Player, CMT200-1unit

Pre-Amplifier, PA-100PR-1 unit

Power Sequencer, PA-100ST-2 units

Power Amplifier, DA-1000, 3 units

6W ceiling speaker, CSK-56W, 250 pcs

60W outdoor column speaker, CLSK-60H, 18 pcs

PA-200MC, public address system controller website and PDF catalog:

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