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5 Zone PA System with BGM and Zone Paging DA-120MT 120W

5 Zone PA System with BGM and Zone Paging DA-120MT 120W

DA-120MT, 5 Zone PA System with BGM, Zone paging microphone DA-500RM, ideal for small multiple room sound system, independent room volume control.


Public address (PA) 6 zone commercial mixer power amplifier.

19” rack mount amplifier of 2U height.

Rated outputs of  120W.

6 zone speaker outputs of 100V or 70V.

Six zone speaker outputs with independent volume control.

Built-in MP3 player by USB & SD and FM tuner.

Four microphone inputs, Mic1(6.3mm) and Mic/Line input 2-4 (XLR).

Line 1-2 inputs on rear panel by RCA.

EMC input on rear panel with highest priority by RCA.

One amplifier capacity of 6 remote paging microphones DA-500RM up to 300 meters.

Microphone1 of VOX features of highest input priority except EMC input.

Volume control for Mic1-4 and line 1-2, bass & treble and zone volume control on front panel.

AC and DC Power, protection, clip six zone status indicators and output level meters.

Overload, short circuit and high temp protection.

AC 230V and DC24V operation system.

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