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4" 3-Way Wall Mount Speaker 40W 100V & 8 Ohm WSK-440H & WSK-440HW

4" 3-Way Wall Mount Speaker 40W 100V & 8 Ohm
WSK-440HW & WSK-440H




l   Commercial public address speaker with transformer

l   Ideal for school, office, hotel and airport background music system

l   Hi-fi speaker for 8 Ohm application with crossover

l   100V power taps 40-20-10-5W & 8 Ohm

l   2×4" woofer and 1” mylar tweeter 3- way speaker system

l   ABS enclosure, metal grille in white or black

l   Quick installation by supplied mounting bracket

l   WSK-440H as option of black

l   4 units combination into line array speaker

WSK-440H website

WSK-440HW website:

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