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6 Zone Audio Matrix System with Paging 1440W

6 Zone Audio Matrix System with Paging up to 1440W

6 Zone Audio Matrix System PA-6120MX Features:

1-6 Zone audio matrix system

2-Power out of this solution is 1440W, while the system various from 180W to 3720W

3- Support 8 Ohm and 100V both speaker system

4- Background music, voice alarm, remote paging all in one solution

5-6 music/voice speech/record message/live speech to different 6 zones simultaneously

6-Each zone with different volume control setting at central control room

7-Each room can be locally volume control and music program selection

6 Zone Audio Matrix System PA-6120MX BOQ:

  • Audio Source Player IRM200×6
  • Wireless Microphone WM-U200C×2
  • Remote Microphone PA-6000RM×6
  • Audio Matrix Controller with Amp PA-6120MX×1
  • 4 Channel Amplifier DA-4120×1
  • 2 Channel Amplifier DA-2120×1
  • Remote Volume Control & Channel Selector PA-6000SV×6
  • Ceiling Speaker CSK-613HTM×4
  • Wall Mount Speaker WSK-530QT×4
  • Pendant Speaker PSK-30K×4
  • Wall Mount Speaker WSK-530TW×4
  • Ceiling Speaker CSK-840HF×3
  • Garden Speaker GSK-30C×4
  • Outdoor Column Speaker ClSK-20C×4
  • Projection Speaker PJSK-20PS×4

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