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6 Zone Public Address & Voice Evacuation System with Music & Paging

6 Zone Public Address & Voice Evacuation System with Music & Paging


1-All in one public address & voice evacuation system

2-Integrate with amplifier, controller, zone controller, evacuation message panel into one solution

3- 6 zone with 240W & 500W two power loading options

4-Expandable to 12 zone, 24 zone up to 120 zones with 60000W power loading

5- PAVA system with BGM, pre-recorded announcement, live announcement & evacuation system

6-Integration with fire alarm system, CCTV and central monitoring system

7- Ideal for hotel, shopping mall, office, restaurant, hospital, government building, factory, airport etc.

8- Compliant with EN54-16 & EN54-24 voice evacuation standards

6 Zone Public Address & Voice Evacuation System BOQ:

6 Zone voice alarm controller with 500W Amp, EVAC-500×1

6 Zone remote microphone, EVAC-500RM×1

Wireless Microphone, WM-U200C×1

Audio Source Player, IRM200×1

Standby Amplifier 500W, DA-500×1 (Optional)

Battery Charger, EVAC-500BC×1 (Optional)

Zone1, EN54-24 Horn Speaker, HSK-30TEN×2

Zone2, EN54-24 Projection Speaker, PJSK-20ASEN×4

Zone3, EN54-24 Ceiling Speaker, FCS-66MEN×12

Zone4, EN54-24 Wall Speaker, FWS-56MEN×12

Zone5, PA Wall Speaker, WSK-530QT×2

Zone6, PA Wall Speaker, WSK-440H×2

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