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Integration IP PA System with Honeywell BMS System

CMX IP PA System now is easily integrated with BMS (Integrated SCADA, DDC Controllers), Security and Surveillance (CCTV, FA , PA System, Intrusion, Access control, Video wall, Analysis algorithm for Facial and object recognition), Guest room management system, lighting control systems & smart parking, home automation, energy management system solutions & HVAC Control (Chillers, AHU, Fan coil unit).

For low voltage system, PA system is playing one important role to integrate with voice alarm system and BMS system, CMX Audio offers SDK package to integrate with Honeywell BMS solution perfectly in Pakistan project. Thus the BMS generate signal to IP PA system from CMX IP-600, taking input from Fire Alarm system. While The IP PA system from CMX IP-600 will take input from FA system to trigger announcements, moreover, the BMS will display the IP PA system working status and coodinate remotely and centralizedly.

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