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11-14 Feb 2020 ISE Tradeshow CMX Stand 5-S138

CMX Will Release More than 5 Ranges of New Products:

1. DSP Amplifier with Dante DSP-4120 range

2. Professional Power Amplifier 8 Ohm, CS-2200, CS-4200 range

3. 8 Zone Voice Evacuation Controller PA-8500 range

4. EN54-24 Ceiling speaker, horn speaker, wall mount speaker, FCS-66MEN etc

5. Mixer Amplifier with Bluetooth, DAB+/FM/Mp3, EA-120D

6. Tabletop Mixer Amplifier with Media Player and Echo, EA-120E

7. 4 Zone Mini On Wall Amplifier, A5Z

8. Frameless Ceiling Speaker, CSK-612HT, CSK-613HR, CSK-613HTM range of 5-6-8" size

9. Frameless ceiling Speaker, CSK-66H

10. Pendant speaker PSK-30KA, PSK-30K

11. High quality slim column speaker, CLSK-20CA, CLSK-40CA

12. Waterproof Wall Mount Speaker, WSK-530CSIP, WSK-530T range

13. 10 Channel inputs stereo mixer PA-200MX

14. SIP/IP Audio IP-900

15. Non PC Server IP-700 IP Audio system

17. Slim Line array speaker system LAS-903, ALS-162 etc

18. Dante Conference System

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