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Commercial Speaker & Public Address Speaker Knowedge Trainning

CMX AUDIO offer a company trainning of Commercial Speaker & Public Address Speaker, to meet the higher requirements of customer needs, to be technical sales manager and to be product experts and to offer more value-added solution for our partners, we would like to extend our team's basic knowedge about commercial 100V speakers and PA speakers.

The trainning consists of below points:

1) Speaker type: ceiling speaker, horn speaker, wall mount speaker, projection speaker, pendant speaker & garden speaker

2) The 100V technology and 8 Ohm technology speaker differences and applications

3) Speaker parts recognization

4) Driver units classifications

5) Terminal connector classifications

6) Power selector classificataions

7) Mounting way classifications

8) Main specifications of speakers

9) How to help your customers to choose public address speakers.

please contact our sales team to get one copy of documents, or visit our speaker website to get more information

Here are some pages of the commercial speaker trainning documents from CMX AUDIO, it is one useful tool to help you understand the speaker and choose well the right speaker for different sound applications.

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