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DA-500RM 6 Zone Remote Microphone

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6 Zone Remote Microphone 


DA-500RM is a remote paging microphone work with DA-60MT, DA-120MT, DA-240MT, DA-350MT & DA-500MT series amplifier, which is of 6 zone paging features, its communication distance up to 300 meters through straight CAT6 cable, each amplifier capacity of connection up to 6 units of remote paging microphone, these microphone are connected hand-by hand. These 6 remote paging microphones could be pre-set different priorities by its dipswitch. The remote paging microphone is direct power supplied by the amplifier.



6 zone remote microphone for paging system.

Economy paging station with 6 zone mixer amplifier.

Each amplifier capacity of 6 unit remote microphones.

Multiple remote microphones cascaded together for use.

With 6 zones and one all zones selection buttons.

With 6 zone selection indicators.

With power, send and busy indicators.

With call button to enable the announcement after zone selection.

With chime for reminding before announcement.

Remote microphone is directly powered by the amplifier.

With two RJ45 ports for amplifier and for next remote microphone.

With microphone volume control and aux input.

With microphone priority dipswitch to set up master and slave units.

Straight CAT6 cable for communication up to 300 meters.





6 Zone Remote Microphone

Power Consumption


Zone Capacity

6 Zones

System Capacity

6 Remote microphones

Aux  Inputs

350mV, 10kΩ

Mic Input

5mV, 600Ω

Frequency Response



1% at RMS,1KHz

S/N Ratio


Operating Temp

-20 to +70

Power Supply

Direct from the amplifier, DC24V, ±20%


<95% no condensation


172(W)×150(D)×50(H) mm




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