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CMX Audio for Hotel Sound System


Hotel Sound System Solution by CMX Audio



Background music system for each floor

Paging or announcement system for individual floor or group floor

Control room centralized managment the sound system

Control room supervise each floor sound system working status

Easy upgrade for future expansion



System Features:

The IP based sound system could be built-up over existing LAN network.

The IP based sound system require minimum cable connection and minimum cost for cable layout.

The IP based sound system communication distance up to 100kms through fiber optical cable.

The IP based sound system is of vast capacity support more than 6,000 units online.

The IP PA sound system will be built up through the IP network audio amplifier and wall mount loudspeakers.

The IP network audio system for background music and life voice message broadcasting use.

The IP PA sound system included more than 256 audio streaming channels, so different music enable to be broadcasted in playground, dinning room and office simultaneously.

The  master station IP-8000RM enable to make speech to different zones at the same time without interference.

Minimum bandwidth requirement of 100Mbps.

Network data delay of 30 milliseconds of hi-fi sound quality.

Remote audio sources broadcast and volume control from central room over terminal loudspeakers.

Timely controlled music, voice message and ring bell could be programmed auto broadcast.

The IP network intercom and sound system enable to supervise each equipments working status.

Remote technical maintenance and trouble shoot is available.









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