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Middle School IP Sound System Solution


IP Based Sound System Solution for School


School Sound System Requirements:

1.       Mainly indoor sound system for classroom by using indoor 6W wall mount speaker.

2.       Indoor speaker suitable for both music and voice paging.

3.       One pair of 6W speaker and one 20W IP amplifier for every classroom.

4.       CD/MP3 & Tuner and pre-recorded voice message could be played to different zones and speakers.

5.       Different music and voice paging could be broadcasted at the same time without interference each other.

6.       Timely controlled pre-recorded voice message or music song could be auto broadcasted to different zones at pre-set time.

7.       IP-8000AM 20W IP amplifier will be installed in each sub-central room for one zone sound system control.

8.       IP-8000RM  could be installed in anywhere of the LAN network, which enable to make live announcement from remote place to any loudspeakers of this PA sound system, more qty of paging microphone could be added to the system.


IP School Sound System Functions:

l  Online music and paging system streaming.

l  Different zone of different music & paging system.

l  System capacity up to 600 zone.

l  System capacity up to 200 IP remote paging microphone.

l  IP amplifier installed far away from central room through LAN network.

l  IP amplifier to load one pair speaker  in every classroom for music & paging.

l  Minimum cable connection and minimum equipment but powerful function.

l  Audio distribution anywhere, where there is an IP network.

l  Usage of existing LAN/WAN network and Internet.

l  Easy connection of large and very distant destinations.

l  Paging or talk from another place to separate zones of far location.

l  Possibility to create separate zones with different programs.

l  Central management like volume control & status monitoring of all IP equipments.

l  Cheaper and faster installation of IP addressable public address system.

l  Remote volume control and music broadcast from central room.

l  Multiple BGM programs simultaneously broadcasting to different zones.






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