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IP Intercom System for School Communication System


IP Intercom System for School Communication System


IP Intercom System Features: 

ü  Two way full duplex intercom and communication system.

ü  Ideal communication system for bank, prison, hospital, school, airport, telecommunication & metro station.

ü  Low cost for set up and no cost for maintenance. The system could be built up over existing LAN/ WAN & Internet network, no need dedicated network. Free on-line system set up and diagnose, each equipments status online monitoring and failure alert.

ü  Optional function: Telephone paging system, BGM, remote paging system, power management, program scheduled control, inter-work with third party system like CCTV, door access, parking system etc.

ü  Full duplex technology with echo canceller and feedback suppressor.

ü  Two way intercom system enable multiple parties to communicate simultaneously.

ü  Cryptographic communication by exclusive audio encoding way to avoid eavesdrop.

ü  Network data delay is less than 30 milliseconds, Each program takes only bandwidth of 34kbps.

ü  Strong anti-interference with electromagnetic wave.

ü  Capacity of 1,000 terminal adapters online with 1,000 different programs simultaneously.

ü  Sound output quality level nearly to CD level of 44.1k, 16bits.

ü  Easy system expansion by adding more intercom panel.

ü  Minimum cost for system maintenance over network by remote trouble shoot service.

ü  Intercom system capacity to work together with IP voice alarm system and IP network PA system.

ü  Backup system of server and embedded controller to standby the system to avoid any failure.

ü  Hand-free & PPT both two way communication and intercom system.

ü  Multiple intercom units working together as meeting system.

ü  Call station could monitor the intercom panel working environment.

ü  The intercom communication will be automatically recorded to the server.

ü  With log in, alarm and intercom call event check and print out.

ü  Industrial chip to support 24 hours run on and anti-virus technology.





Hand-free Talkback

Hand free to talkback

Headphone Talkback

Earphone talkback in high noise environment

PTT Talkback

Push to talkback

Multiple Parties

Conference Mode

Support 15 parties to discuss simultaneously

Command Mode

Support 30 levels command priorities


Zone call

Direct selected zone call


Dial up to call the target

Group Call

Direct selected group zones call

Call Answer

Auto Answer

Auto answer after ring chime

Manual Answer

Continuous ring until manual answer

Agent Answer

The call will be forwarded the agent when the target is busy

Call Forward

Busy Forward

The target call station busy will forwarded to its agent

Power off Forward

The target call station power off, the call will be forwarded to its agent.

No Answer Forward

The target call station no answer after several ring, the call will be forwarded to its agent.

Timely Forward

The call will be forwarded to its agent within the pre-set period.

Manual Forward

Manual forward the call to its agent.


Priority Call

Higher priority party can override the communication.

Queue Up

Same priority level queue up and auto communicate once the target call station is available within 30 seconds.

Forced Termination

The administrator could terminate the communication freely.


To monitor the working environment by the intercom panel built-in loudspeaker.

Background Music

Sever could send online or scheduled background music over the intercom panel built-in loudspeaker.

External Control

Control input and output for door access or emergency button.

Digital Recording

The two way intercom communication will be automatically recorded to the server.

Optional Interface

Wireless Walkie-talkie

With walkie-talkie interface could inter-work with 403MHz to 470MHz receiver.

Wireless Telephone

With wireless telephone interface could inter-work with DECT wireless telephone.


With PABX interface could work with telephone system.

VOIP Telephone

PA System

Fire Alarm System

CCTV System

Application Scale

Multiple Servers (Large)

One Server (Middle)

Non-Server (Small)




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