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IP Based PA Sound System for Fitness Center and Spa


IP Based PA Sound System Features:

Ideal audio matrix BGM system for hotel, fitness center, SPA, restaurant and tourist boat.

Multiple sources matrix distributed to multiple room at the same time.

Digital IP audio matrix background music system with paging system.

32 different music program selector with volume control for each room separate control.

System could be built-up over one simple LAN switch, non-dedicated network is needed.

System capacity of more than 100 points streaming simultaneously.

Wall mount type decode adapter built-in 20W amplifier for each room use.

Built-in weekly scheduled program timer.

All equipments status could be display and monitored in the server software.

Easy system expansion only by adding more decode adapters.

Inter-work with fire alarm system.

Inter-work with PABX telephone paging system.

Minimum cable layout cost.

Remote log in for trouble shoot ensure easy maintenance.


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