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EA-120 120W Compact Mixer Amplifier for Retail Shop Sound System


120 Watts Compact Mixer Amplifier for Retail Shop Sound System



EA-120 Mixer Amplifier with Mp3/SD/USB/FM/Bluetooth Features:

1) Cost-effective all in one sound system include audio source, pre-amplifier and power amplifier

2) Support three microphone inputs and external two line inputs

3) 100V, 70V, 4Ohms, 8 Ohms & 16 Ohms various loudspeaker connection supportable

4) Capacity direct connection with PC for sound system

5) With telephone input and music on hold features with telephone system

6) Direct battery power supply or AC both operation system

7) Built-in Mp3 player with USB/SD, FM, bluetooth and remote control

8) Economy solution for each retail shop sound system





EA-120, Mixer Amplifier for Public Address System Use Website Link: 










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