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CMX AUDIO EVAC-500 for Train Station Voice Alarm System


CMX AUDIO EVAC-500 for Train Station Voice Alarm System



CMX AUDIO 12 Zone PA System with BGM, Remote Paging & Voice Alarm Features:


1.       Digital PA system includes background music system, remote paging system and voice alarm system.

2.       All signal path had been supervised for backup or standby.

3.       Compliant with EN54-16 and BS5839-9 standards.

4.       All in one controller with amplifier, message player and zone controller and paging controller.

5.       6 Line inputs for microphone and audio source players with emergency microphone.

6.       Each EVAC-500 Voice Alarm Capacity of 32 units remote call stations.

7.       System capacity is 500W of 6 zone, expansion to 12, 24 & 30 zones by cascaded more expansion unit.

8.       Separate zone volume control for different zones.

9.       Capacity to override the volume control in case of fire emergency.

10.    Compact controller for PA, VA, PAGA and voice alarm and emergency voice evacuation sound system.

11.    EVAC-500 full system communication through CAT5 cable of easy set up and installation.

12.    Most advanced PAVA integration system in the world.

13.    Integration with PA system, background music, emergency intercom system, fire alarm system, door access system and security system

14.    With free management software for server central room and monitor use


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