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6 Zone Public Address System MA-120MZ


MA-120MZ is one low cost 6 zone public address system for various applications like villa, shopping mall, super market, restaurant, retail shop, bar and coffee room.

6 Zone Public Address System Features:

  • 6 Zone public address system
  • Public address system with background music and paging system
  • Capacity of local audio sources inputs DVD/CD/Mp3 player PA-100DM or FM tuner
  • Built-in audio sources for background music system by USB
  • Support wireless microphone WM-U200 for remote and mobile speech use
  • Support tabletop microphone TM-302C for reception desk use with highest priority for all zone announcement
  • Low cost and multiple zone control PA system
  • 120 watts RMS power loading for 10 PCS speakers
  • Connection with 4 PCS 10W wall mount speaker WSK-610C and 6 PCS 10W ceiling speaker CSK-610Q
  • Connection with 2 PCS volume control VC-H36F for down stair and up stair

6 Zone Public Address System Bill of Material

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