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IP Public Address System for Airport Sound System


IP Public Address System for Airport Sound System

Huge zone capacity, big scale sound system, transmission by fiber-optical cable, more than 600 pre-recorded message or life speech, different program or speech of different volume for different zone, remote volume control and program edit, remote technical support and maintenance, minimum cost for future system expansion.

1) Minimum cable connection by only CAT5 cable

2) Save much cost of speaker cable and cable layout labor

3) Minimum equipments of best functional performance

4) The system built-in timer, so the timely pre-recorded message announcement could be programmed in the system server to send different classrooms.

5) Each class room have one IP amplifier and two ceiling speakers

6) Separate loudspeaker zones of different paging or BGM programs

7) Central management of all loudspeakers zones of different volume and different online audio streaming

8) Local audio input for each classroom is possible

9) School master enable to talk to each classroom or pre-set several classrooms

10) By using the existing school LAN network to built up the sound system

11) Free remote log in technical support and online system maintenance

11) Comes with 5 years quality warranty.


IP Public Address System Server Software, IP-8000SF×1

IP public address system call station, IP-8000RM×1

IP public address system 8 zone decoder, IP-8000DA×3

Power Amplifier 500 watts 100V & 8 Ohm, DA-500×3

IP fire alarm panel, IP-8000FA×1

CD/Mp3 player with tuner, CMT200×1

Pre mixer amplifier, PA-100MX×1

Ceiling Speaker 10 watts 100V, CSk-610Q×40

Wall Mount Speaker 30 watts 100V, WSK-530C×16

Horn speaker 30 watts 100V, HSK-30T×16

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