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Multiple Mosque Sound System over IP


Muslim 5 calls, its like Call to pray, 5 times a day, so this IP sound system will speakers will play that calls across a city, across a country and among differnt countries , some People is far away from Mosques so they cant hear the call.

Customer requirements:

Master Audio Device will connect to IP Address and Pass Audio signal 24 hours, we need Device ( or I will use PC ) and Pass the Audio to that IP.

Clients, will have Receivers ( or IP Speakers ) that will connect to Lan, the speaker must connect directly to the IP and Play the Audio when available ( mean if no sound from Master, Client speaker will have no sound , If Master Pass Audio , Client must hear that sound alive ).

the Room is any Client house, and the Audio not recommended to be with high volume, so no need to be speaker with high Volume/Power, I think 6W - 20W is ok, if Speaker can give Audio Out in case the customer want to connect to Power Mixer will be much better.

Multiple Mosque Sound System over IP:

IP Sound System for Multiple Mosque Solutions:

Centralized audio sources simultaneously distributed to different mosques through LAN network or fiber-optical

Every day 5 times pray call automatically broadcasting according to the time setting

Pre-recorded voice message or music song broadcast from center room to different mosque across the country

IP sound system no limit of distance

IP sound system no limit of system capacity

Online 24 hours running system

Minimum cable connection by using exsiting LAN network

IP audio matrix system up to 600 zone output

IP background music system & IP paging system into one system

Minimum cost for future system expansion by add another IP-604NA and more amplifiers.

4 Zone IP Public Address System for Multiple Mosque Solutions

IP audio server software, IP-600SF×1 set (management center for suveillance and control)

IP remote microphone, IP-600TM×1 Unit (Receiption desk or control room speech use)

4 Channel IP Pre-Amplifier , IP-604NA×1 Unit (decode IP audio into analog audio to universal amplifier)

500W Power Amplifier, DA-500×4 Units (One amplifier for one mosque, to power mulitple 100V loudspeakers)

15 Watts 8 Ohms Ceiling Speaker/Wall Speaker, 30 Pairs (One pair speaker for each IP amplifier)

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