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Audio & Video Control Solution for Auditorium


Audio & Video Control Solution for Auditorium

Keywords: auditorium sound system, auditorium AV solution, professional audio system, video display system, AV conference system, digital conference system, professional sound system, sound reinforcement system, central control system, audio video control system.

lAudio video control, video display system, professional sound system with conference system.
lMultiple audio sources like wireless microphone, DVD, Mp3, AM/FM Tuner.
lDigital mixer with DSP, EQ and USB for signal mixing control and management.
lDSP processor with loudspeaker management system with EQ, crossover, delay, limiter, suppressor, DSP and timer.
lDSP processor to make sure multiple microphone speech is very clear without any interference with background music system.
lDigital Class-D channel amplifier to power the main loudspeakers.
lGreen power consumption technology amplifier in 1U height.
lTwo pair main loudspeaker for each corner of room ensure even sound distribution.
lHDMI switch is used for AV various inputs and management.
lAV display system with projector and display.
lWith power management system to reduce high power risk.

lComes with European quality standards and of 5 years quality warranty.

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