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IP Speaker 20W+20W IP-650A for Hotel IP PA System Solution


Stereo IP Powered Speaker 20W +20W IP-650A is ideal

for hotel IP PA System Solution

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Why to Choose the IP Powered Speaker?

•       Audio distribution anywhere, where there is an IP network

•       Usage of existing LAN/WAN network

•       Easy connection of large and very distant destinations

•       Possibility to create separate zones with different programs

•       Central management of all loudspeakers

•       Cheaper and faster installation

•       White or black two color option


IP powered speaker with IP addressable network module.

IP network audio active speaker package.

One IP network audio active speaker and one passive speaker.

The network audio active speaker is built-in network decoder, an active speaker built-in a stereo 20W+20W digital class-D amplifier and a 20W passive speaker.

Economy solution for multiple room applications.

Each room only installed one pair of loudspeakers.

Anywhere of the LAN system of non-dedicated network system.

No need aux cable and speaker cable wiring.

Control data and aux data transmission both by CAT 5 cable.

One aux input and one RJ45 control LAN input.

One low impedance power output for another 8 Ohm 20W passive speaker.

One serial communication port is only used to write in or change IP address.

One status and one power indicators.

Balance output and master volume attenuation.

IP-650AW is of white color as option

4 Zone IP PA System for Hotel Sound System Solution BOQ:

IP audio server software, IP-600SF×1 set (management center for suveillance and control)

IP remote microphone, IP-600TM×1 Unit (Receiption desk or control room speech use)

IP powered speaker, IP-650A×4 Unit (Each zone one unit for IP audio streaming or decoder)

Passive speaker, WSK-530LC×4 Unit (Each zone one unit to be powered by IP-650A, No need extra amplifier) 

IP-650A IP Speaker Website and PDF Data Sheet Download:

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