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Command Center AV Integration System


Command Center AV Integration System

The Audio, visual and control system platform is designed for command center AV solution, which includes audio conference system, HD video conference system, fiber optical signal transmission, local sound reinforcement system, video display system, central control system, wireless program and control system into one solution. Which is featured of easy and convenient multiple level departments communication and send command of quick response. The digitalized and visualized and modulized command communication system minimum the time, human resouces and cost. The digital AV integration system much enhanced the visual resolution to HD era and much less bandwidth comsumption. Very helpful for emergency high centralized analyze, comparison and visualized remote management.

Command Center AV Integration System Features:

Audio, visual and control all in one system

HD video, HDMI, DVI, VGA & audio all AV signal matrixly swich and program

Long distance from 20 meters to 300 meters and accross cities fiber-optical AV transmission

Integration with large LCD screen for picture joint, divide, roam, window, overlay etc for multiple places simultantous display, monitor, communicate and command

Ideal for police command center, government command center, military commany center etc.

Command Center AV Integration System BOQ:

Video Fiber Inputs×3

HD Video Conference System CS-600×2

32 CH HDMI Matrix×1

Video Fiber Outputs×3

Conference System Controller×1

Delegate Microphone Unit×10

Chairman Microphone Unit×1


Power Amplifier×4

Pro Loudspeaker×12

Central Control System Host×1

Wireless Control Panel×1

65" LCD Screen×2


Fiber optical cable with connector×10

DVI cable with connector×8

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