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IP Audio Encoder & IP Audio Decoder for Auditorium IP Sound System


IP Audio Encoder & IP Audio Decoder for Auditorium IP Sound System

Auditorium Sound System always require several buildings have separate sound system and one management center to control overall sound system. By using IP Encoder and IP decoder from CMX AUDIO, you can enjoy professional sound system in theater, auditorium and public address in clean room, restaurant and playground. So it will be perfect integrate professional sound system and PA system into one management system. Secondly, the server room enable to deliver any analog sources include microphone, CD player, recorded message to any buildings of the auditorium.

Auditorium IP Sound System Features:

1) Easy converter from analog audio to IP and IP audio to analog.

2) Set up over existing LAN/WAN network of the auditorium

3) Control input/output for emergency lamp, emergency button, door access CCTV & fire alarm system integration

4) Ideal for radio station and wi-fi wireless audio transmission system

5) IP audio encoder to converter any analog audio system into IP audio

6) IP audio decoder  to converter into analog signal to feed in any brand name sound system

7) Compitable with any brand name sound equipments.

8) Integration of professional sound system and public address into one system

9) Analog microphone, CD/Mp3/Radio player & recorded message easy broadcast to any buildings of the auditorium

10) Server software only communication by license with its programmed IP encoder & IP decoder to avoid mass management

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