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IP Two Way Talkback System & IP Intercom Communication System


IP Intercom Communication System & IP Talkback System


Ideal solution for outdoor or indoor two way communication system in park, school, factory, train station and airport.

IP network intercom system very suitable for big scale installation system whether by CAT5 cable or fiber optical cable.

Aluminum finish with damage proof screw fixing up.

Both surface or embedded mounting ways with supplied mounting box.

Classic range high quality IP intercom panel.

Intercom panel built-in speaker and microphone.

Full duplex two way communication system.

It can start the communication to the call station by pressing the call button, the call station will be reminded with ring call and indicator as which intercom panel from where is calling. The call will be automatically transferred to next call station once busy, no answer or fault occurred.

The sub master intercom panel IP-9000E could direct call any intercom panel without permission, it also can start the intercom to others sub master panel or call station.

With one contact output and contact input for third party communication.

Non dedicated network is needed, the system could be easily built-up over exiting LAN/WAN network.

Embedded server Lynux technology with two ARM and DSP high speech chip.

Max support 64,000 call stations working at the same time.

Start time less than 0.1 second.

Network data delay of less than 100 milliseconds.

Waterproof rate of IP54.

It is powered by DC12V, the power adapter is included.

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