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Digital Discussion System CS-900


Digital Discussion System CS-900

  • Designed for plug-and-play, ease-of-use conference system microphone
  • Excellent speech intelligibility with built-in Digital Acoustic Feedback Suppression 
  • Built-in audio recording on USB memory stick 
  • CAT6 communication from controller to all microphone
  • On-board support for automatic HD camera control 
  • Integration with simultaneous interpretation system
  • Up to 245 Discussion Devices

Digital Discussion System CS-900 BOQ:
Digital Conference System Controller, CS-900
Digital Discussion System Chairman Unit, CS-901×1 Unit
Digital Discussion System Delegate Unit, CS-902×1 Unit×10 Unit
CD/Mp3 FM Media Player, CMT200×1 Unit
Digital Mixer Console 12 CH, MCX-12U×1 Unit
Power Amplifier CX2.10×2 Unit
Signal Distributor CS-212×1 Unit
Power Sequencer PA-108PS×1 Unit
Line Array Speaker LAS-5200B×4 Unit
Interpretation Transmitter TS-700×1 Unit
Interpretation Radiator TS-701×1 Unit
Interpreter Unit TS-702×1 Unit
Interpretation Language Receiver TS-703×1 Unit
Battery Charger TS-705×1 Unit
Headphone for Interpreter TS-704×1 Unit

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