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16 Zone Easy IP Audio System IP-700


IP Audio System IP-700

 IP-700TM IP-708NA IP-7120 IP-701AMP IP-700MX



l  Complete public address & voice alarm over IP

l  Background music over IP

l  Live speech, pre-recorded announcement over IP

l  No limits on distance, Support LAN/WAN and Internet network., non dedicated network is needed

l  Central management, monitoring and audio synchronization

l  IP microphone with two way talk back or emergency communication system

l  IP Audio System without sever software

l  Centralized control IP audio system

l  Remote volume control from central room

l  Free configure and management English software

l  Communication protocol TCP/IPUPPIGMP

l  Audio format support Mp3 & Mp2

l  System zone capacity up to 6,000 zones

l  IP voice alarm, IP PABX and speaker line monitoring with additional equipments

l  Support Windows 7 and Windows 10 operation system

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